Blue River of Greenland

Visiting Greenland on a polar expedition is a great adventure. Much of Greenland is covered by a vast body of ice known as the “Greenland ice sheet” which extends 2400km from north to south and 1100km at its widest point. The ice is between 2 and 3km thick and evidence that this ice sheet is in danger of melting is the concern of many scientists and environmentalists.

In the summer heat, the ice melts, and the little rivulets flow into bigger and bigger streams until eventually they become rivers. The water is a deep aquamarine. It wends its way through a landscape of white ice with blue tints, and of small black holes formed by atmospheric soot. Whether narrow or wide, it flows serenely around a bend, a fairy river in a fairytale land.

Petermann Glacier is the largest floating glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, located in Northwest Greenland. Another important concern in recent years has become the glacier’s melting. Three researchers spent three months in Greenland exploring Petermann Glacier ant its changes due to the global warming. They found a beautiful river created as a result of glacier’s melting. This Petermann glacier’s melting river was named Blue River and it attracts a great number of visitors from all around the world with its beauty.

But this beautiful river is also a symbol of a disappearing world and a kind of warning to us all. According to the satellite data, ice melts in Greenland four times quicker than a decade ago.


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