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AARP Launches Travel Website for Public

 AARP, a nonprofit organization  is helping people in turning their dream destinations into reality. This March, AARP New Travel Website has been launched and  it allows users to utilize a wide variety of tools to choose from. The website, AARP Travel, has plenty of simple  features such as Trip Finder, a series of questions used to determine the destination the public would be interested in; My Trips, a personal page for users to organize and save trip ideas; and Book Trips, an assemblage of booking tools through Expedia and Liberty Travel to receive special membership discounts. Visit the new website, AARP Travel, at http://travel.aarp.org/welcome/.

“Through our new online travel study and conversations with our members, we understand what the 50+ traveler is looking for — and looking to avoid,” said Stephanie Miles, Vice President, Member Value for AARP. “The 50+ are looking to enjoy all aspects of travel. Currently, the market is fragmented and people have to open multiple sites at once just to plan a trip. We built AARP Travel to make travel fun and easy with the tools, information and offerings needed. We want the 50+ make the most of every moment and every dollar.”

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Rock Your Vacation at Kissimmee

Kissimmee, Florida has infinite possibilities to have fun and experience excitement in ways one could barely imagine. The warm weather would be a great time to participate in all sorts of wild adventures without feeling the frostbite from the winter or early spring season. Social network and online photo and video sharing website Instagram and vacation site Experience Kissimmee have teamed up for the Rock Your Vacation competition. By March 16, 2014, entrants have the chance to win a vacation for six (including the entrant) to Kissimmee, Florida. One competitor must make a 15-second video explaining what they would do if given the chance to win the Rock Your Kissimmee, Florida Vacation Like a VIP contest and the knowledge they have of the city itself. The video will be judged based on originality, overall knowledge of Kissimmee, and creativity.

Adventure is unavoidable in Florida with the enjoyment and rush of adrenaline in Kissimmee, Florida. Much fun is to be enjoyed with a group of friends and family with the additional adrenaline-inducing attractions and heart racing adventure in a central Florida vacation. It can be an endless whirlwind of activity.

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The White Island – Mykonos

There is no other place like Mykonos in the world. The island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades, a group of islands nestled in the southern and central Aegean Sea. Mykonos is a typical postcard island with small whitewashed houses with their blue doors, and traditional Cycladic windmills. In recent years, Mykonos has positioned itself as a trendy place to visit, rivaling even some of the swishiest locales such as Capri or Hawaii. Continue reading

Fairy Cave

Top 10 Caves in Malaysia

Love an adventure, exploring nature’s best and the beautifully shaped vertical chimneys and horizontal galleries of Malaysia? Here is a list to help you discover the ten best caves to explore!

Deer Cave

This are got its name because of the large population of deer that came here to lick the salt off the rocks in here. This is a beautiful cave in Miri that exhibits beautiful geological features and is a must visit for those explore the Gunung Mulu National Park Continue reading


Top 6 European Destinations of 2013

Europe is a popular destination for many Americans every year. With a diverse mix of history, culture, food, and terrain, Europe has something for everyone. Whether you want to bask in the warmth of the sun or explore castles and historic churches, you can find it in Europe. Here are a few places you should consider for your next European adventure. Continue reading

interlaken skydiving_

The 10 Best Interlaken Things To Do

The charming Swiss town of Interlaken has been a favourite tourist destination since the 19th century for its dramatically romantic setting high in the Swiss Alps between Lake Brienze and Lake Thun. The River Aare runs through the town, joining the two lakes and Interlaken is surrounded on all sides by some of the most stunning winter sports resorts in the whole of Switzerland. Year- round, the city itself is a major Swiss visitor destination, with its glorious view of the snow-covered Jungfrau peak. Its varied accommodation from Interlaken city centre hotels to numerous hostels and backpacker lodgings covers all budgets and its range of outdoor activities is huge. Continue reading


Go and Smell the Roses with Travelocity

The world is filled with possibility and adventure. Activity galore can be found on the globe, and while it may be difficult to choose where to go or how to prepare for the trip, it doesn’t have to be done alone. Go and smell the roses with Travelocity, one of the world’s top travel companies, by first checking out Travelocity YouTube Web Series, “Let’s Roam with Courtney Scott.” Continue reading

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