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Bell Gorge – The Most Beautiful Gorge in the Kimberley

Bell is truly one of the beautiful gorges in the Kimberley. The gorge has a spectacular waterfall and some fun swimming. You could spend a bit of time at the swimming section if you go exploring. Bell Gorge is the most famous gorge along the Gibb River Road. It is also the most beautiful, and most people agree with that assessment. Continue reading


“Celebrate My Drive” with State Farm and The Band Perry

If you or someone you know has a young driver, then it is important to go over the necessary steps for safe driving. State Farm, United State’s top car insurance provider, teams up with the musical group The Band Perry to warn drivers of the implications of reckless driving. “Teen driver safety continues to be a major issue, and this program gives us a platform to spread the word and encourage safe driving in teens’ first years behind the wheel,” explained the members of The Band Perry. “It’s a privilege to partner with State Farm to shed light on this important issue and hopefully help save lives.”

There are a few things that as drivers, whether they have been driving legally for a month or 10 years, should consider before getting on the road. Keep eyes focused on the road and hands on the steering wheel at all times while driving. Adjust the mirrors to make sure you can see what is behind and next to you. Avoid going over the speed limit or driving too slow under the speed limit. If needed, set your GPS and/or music before going on the road. Turn off and put away your phone until you are off the road. Last, but certainly not least, make sure you wear your seat belt. For more information, please visit the Celebrate My Drive website, www.celebratemydrive.com.

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Follow the Stairs

More and more people opt to spend their vacation at the beach. The laidback ambience that the sand and sea offer is certain to loosen up even the tightest individual. Beach vacations have acquired vast popularity because people from all walks of life can unwind, calm down, and chill out. The sun, the salty breeze, the inviting waters and the local folk are endearing qualities that make the beach the vacation of choice for many people. Continue reading

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome

Top Luxury Hotels in Tenerife

If you thought holidays in Tenerife were all about nights out and cheap apartments by the beach, think again. Yes, you’ll certainly find plenty of budget accommodation and town centre hotel rooms placing revellers right in the thick of the action, but there’s a different side to Tenerife that’s worlds away from its renowned nightlife.

Just take a look at Wikipedia’s guide to Tenerife, for example. A few lines in and it’s clear that this island is something special. It’s home to a buzzing capital city, is has one of the largest carnivals in the world (apparently it’s second in popularity only to Rio), and it has a fascinating volcanic past that’s evident in its spectacular national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Continue reading


Top 5 Benefits of Taking a Vacation

The idea of jumping into a crystal clear sea or climbing up a tall mountain would be exciting for most of us. While some people have caught the travel bug and frequent the foreign lands, other folks tend to stick to their comfort zones. Words from the wise traveler: Vacations benefit your life in countless ways. Give yourself a week every now and then to experience new things. Continue reading


AARP Launches Travel Website for Public

 AARP, a nonprofit organization  is helping people in turning their dream destinations into reality. This March, AARP New Travel Website has been launched and  it allows users to utilize a wide variety of tools to choose from. The website, AARP Travel, has plenty of simple  features such as Trip Finder, a series of questions used to determine the destination the public would be interested in; My Trips, a personal page for users to organize and save trip ideas; and Book Trips, an assemblage of booking tools through Expedia and Liberty Travel to receive special membership discounts. Visit the new website, AARP Travel, at http://travel.aarp.org/welcome/. Continue reading


Rock Your Vacation at Kissimmee

Kissimmee, Florida has infinite possibilities to have fun and experience excitement in ways one could barely imagine. The warm weather would be a great time to participate in all sorts of wild adventures without feeling the frostbite from the winter or early spring season. Social network and online photo and video sharing website Instagram and vacation site Experience Kissimmee have teamed up for the Rock Your Vacation competition. By March 16, 2014, entrants have the chance to win a vacation for six (including the entrant) to Kissimmee, Florida. One competitor must make a 15-second video explaining what they would do if given the chance to win the Rock Your Kissimmee, Florida Vacation Like a VIP contest and the knowledge they have of the city itself. The video will be judged based on originality, overall knowledge of Kissimmee, and creativity. Continue reading

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